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4th-Aug-2005 03:33 am - Zodiac Tarot Readings for August
Okay, my pretties. Here's the little project I was mentioning in my lj. This took me all day to actually write up and I got it typed up, so now I'm going to post it. I hope you all like it. *g*

Zodiac Readings for August

Using the Robin Wood Tarot. As a note, I don't read with reverses.

1. Work & Business
2. Love & Partnership
3. Trouble & Conflict
4. Money & Material Matters

AriesCollapse )

TaurusCollapse )

GeminiCollapse )

CancerCollapse )

LeoCollapse )

VirgoCollapse )

LibraCollapse )

ScorpioCollapse )

SagittariusCollapse )
31st-Jul-2005 09:40 pm - Knights of the Tarot
Shadow person
I've been meditating on certain Tarot cards recently, divining new meanings from them, expanding on what I already know of them. Some cards I'm intimately familiar with - some, not so.

The cards I'm going to expound upon here are the Knights of the Minor Courts. Also, bear in mind that these are specifically the Rider - Waite deck I'm looking at. I know, dreadfully mainstream, but I do so love Pam Colman-Smith's mediaeval pageantry.

Meditating upon all four Knights the other day, I had a sudden revelation.

Knights cards represent the attainment of independence. This is where the young man gets the keys to his own car: his own place: or begins a job or some sort of adult vocation. Here's where the reins come off, the safety net comes down, and the kid changes into the long pants.

Where each Knight differs is in what they do with that independence.

Let's take the Knight of Swords: he's the fastest, putting that horse into a gallop, charging pellmell into the fray. He can't wait for his independence. The minute his Daddy gave him those keys to his Thunderbird, he roared off down the highway, a cloud of dust at his heels, heading off along to his friends to show them what he got for his coming of age birthday.

That's Swords for you: always rushing ahead, leaping the chasms without bothering to look first. Trusting to good luck worse than the Fool card. On the other hand, give him a clear course ahead of him, and he'll push himself and his steed to the limit. We're talking turf horseracing here, Flat or Steeplechase. If there's a trophy to be had, put your money on this boy to be the one to enter the winners' circle enclosure.

Reversed, he'd be an impetuous youth, never satisfied with what he has; always wanting the next new thing; chafing at the bit; he wants it all, and he wants it now. Swords Reversed is the one you don't want to challenge to a race or to play chicken, because he's not the type to back away from a challenge. One of you, or both, will end up flying over the parapet of that bridge, sooner or later ...

Next to Swords, I had Wands. Wands' fiery steed's rearing on hind legs. The Knight of Wands has got his mount doing this for one reason. He likes to show off. He's independent. Watch him go through his paces, making his steed canter about, leap tall fences, rear on his hind legs ... this man's not a thoroughbred turf racer like Swords; he's a championship showjumper.

This one likes to show off that he has class. This Knight would, if he were working a computer, be the man to unlock the cheat codes for a game, pull out all of its hidden Easter eggs, and generally spruce up his computer with a saucy background theme, Desktop wallpaper and sound effects ... because he can.

Reversed, this Knight becomes an aggressive, obnxoious showoff, always wanting to go one better than the next man, never satisfied with having done his own personal best. If you've done better than his best, he'd feel gutted, and spend the rest of his days either breaking himself to do better than you, or try and drag you down so he can feel better for it.

So where were we? Ah, yes. Cups. Notice how we're slower each time? Well, the Knight of Cups isn't into turf racing, buggy racing, steeplechase or showjumping.

Cups is championship dressage.

Cups is about the bond between man and animal. Dressage is slow, but exceptionally precise, with a trust engendered between the rider and the horse that is second to none. The Knight of Swords would break his horse in his haste to charge it into battle; the Knight of Wands would similarly test his steed to its limit, pushing it to leap ever higher fences, until it finally refuses. Cups tests the horse's own skill, precise placement of hoof, posture, tail. It's as much a dance in which the rider participates as the steed.

And it is a dance. On their own feet, Knights of Cups are dancers, moving slowly, gracefully, exuding charm and emotional competence.

Reversed ... oy. Anally retentive, whiny, nasal, snobbish, this Knight could be really bad news for you, because he won't hesitate to pick at your faults.

And finally, we come to the Pentacles, and that great, magnificent beast just standing still as the Knight gazes across the landscape before him.

What's his championship sport? None, because the first thing the Knight of Pentacles does is to stop, and look around, and pick his direction.

Given his independence, Pentacles is the Knight that actually sets out a plan of action on what he wants to do. Life, love, career ... he's the one who wants to make sure his foundations are as solid as possible before proceeding.

His mount might be as fast as Swords, but Pentacles sees no need to push her to her limit, just to get from A to B when she can just amble along.

He might be tempted to show her off like Wands, but Pentacles already knows what she can do, and so do all the friends he'd be showing off to.

As for skill and precision ... well, he's right where he wants to be, isn't he? Until he knows where to go, why waste energy dancing around?

Pentacles Reversed can become a stubborn cuss of a sumbitch, because unlike the others, who might take swift, or decisive, or some sort of action, in retaliation to your crossing them, Pentacles ... just refuses to budge.

Even when he's wrong, he's too hotheaded and bullheaded and stubborn to acknowledge that he might just be standing in the wrong place, or holding the wrong opinion in an argument.

Anyhow ... those are the Knights of the Rider - Waite Tarot, as interpreted by me. It's just a way I found myself seeing them, after some meditation on the subject. By seeing them this way, I began to grok their power in the Tarot, as separate from Kings and Pages, for example.

I hope you can similarly come to grok them better too.
How do you feel about people handling your cards?

See, I ask this because I keep hearing lots of discussion about keeping your cards "clean" from other's influences, but shouldn't that only apply if you only do readings for yourself with a particular set of cards?

I think that other people should be able to handle my cards, especially if I'm doing a reading for them. That way, the cards absorb a little of thier energy and are able to arrange themselves a little more personally to the reading I'm doing. Not that I've ever read for anybody, this is just my theorectical idea. :)

14th-Jul-2005 05:31 am - just wanted to say...
Homina coffee
...that the posts here are insightful; I'm always looking for new concepts to link to other concepts since 'meanings' are vague for me and most of the reading that I do depends as much on who's wanting the reading as the deck I use. Has anyone any opinions on how reading in person vs reading 'cold' over the phone has effected you/effected the reading? It all seemed very much the same to me; if someone is blocking, I feel uncomfortable pushing them(mostly my issue). Then there was the kid who was literally wanking off during a reading over the phone. I advised him that the sex line was a dollar cheaper. Twerp told me that he liked the sound of my voice, that I sounded like his mother! No ordinary days around these parts, no sir, no madame!

I used to be fairly proficient at runes, but currently they're kicking my ass (as in bitching at me) as I've been reading for no one, even myself, for so long. When I was first 'teaching' myself, I kept a detailed journal and recorded every reading, what deck was used or if it was runes, or if it was both...and so on. I ended up doing an impromptu reading tonight for a coworker and she seemed to believe that it accurately reflected some things back at her as well as some issues she's facing and so on and so forth.

Slow night at work, so too much time on LJ. Does anyone do any 'work' (spellwork, magic, casting, etc) using tarot? I have, although it's been a while, and have always had some very meaningful results----maybe not the ones I'd hoped for, but certainly results were quick and definitive. I've used the Hanson Roberts deck for this as well as a regular Rider; am planning on using Thoth this time around. May use some runes at the same time. If you hear 'an earthshattering kaboom', it was just me not having planned everything very well!
3rd-Jul-2005 04:20 am - guess the cards, round...three?
Hello Kitty pumpkin-shalowater
Semi-blind reading, Celtic style:

what covers: prosperity and contentment
what crosses: the unknown
root cause: need for balance, moderation, centering
recent past: seeking solitude, driving others away
what might be: experiencing victim mentality
what will be: impartial male judge, or impartial judgement
your environment: straightforward, direct communicator: woman, or straightforward communication
family surroundings: defensiveness, avoidance
hopes or fears: heartbreak, separation, finding trust misplaced
final outcome: steadfast honest young woman, or holding head high, remaining honest, forging ahead

Guess the cards. Two Major Arcana, the rest are Minor, and, weirdly, all but one from the same suit. Remember, I read with the Ghost card, so take that into consideration.
30th-Jun-2005 01:13 am - thanks for accepting me into the fold
Homina coffee
I've 'gone back into the closet' in so many ways and for so many reasons that it was finally time to see what other folks were ferreting out with our Arcane friends. It was just time to draw back in and stop all the counseling for a spell (no pun intended).
24th-Jun-2005 03:08 am - Game...
Continuation of marcyleecorgan's game:

Guess the card. Oh and I only read right-side up (no inverted), so none of mine will be inverted meanings.

1. Illumination
2. Being on top of the world
3. Memories
4. Self destruction
5. Choosing between short term benefits and long term benefits
6. Bringing two things into harmony

Hints: 3 of these are major arcana. 3 are minor.
23rd-Jun-2005 09:53 pm - ringing the changes
Hello Kitty pumpkin-shalowater
Tarot correspondences I refer to, as originally discussed by wolf_heart9, with a few additions of my own.

And as fiat_knox said, these are mine own interpretations, not the Laws Handed Down, roll over, roll over, doobie-doobie-doo.

Also, for pictorial reference, I'm using predominantly the Mary Hanson-Roberts Deck, so references to your decks may differ.

Celestial Bodies
Sun: XIX The Sun
Moon: II The High Priestess; XVIII The Moon
Earth: III The Empress
Mercury: VII The Chariot
Venus: VI The Lovers
Mars: X Wheel of Fortune
Jupiter: 0 The Fool
</b>Saturn</b>: V The Hierophant
Uranus: XIII Death
Neptune: I The Magician; II The High Priestess
Pluto: - XX Judgement; XIX The World
Chiron: VIII Strength
Stars/Celestial general: XVII The Star

Astrological Signs
Aries: IV The Emperor
Taurus: VIII Strength
Gemini: VI The Lovers
Cancer: XVIII The Moon
Leo: XV The Devil
Virgo: XX Judgement
Libra: XIV Temperance
Scorpio: VII The Chariot
Sagittarius: XII The Hanged Man
Capricorn: V The Hierophant
Aquarius: XVII The Star
Pisces: XVIII The Moon

Elemental Forces
Earth: Pentacles suit
Air: Swords suit
Water: Cups suit
Fire: Wands suit

Spring: Cups suit
Summer: Wands suit
Autumn: Pentacles suit
Winter: Swords suit

This, of course, only deals with Major Arcana cards, and unnamed general Minor cards. I may have to make a separate post to address Minor Arcana correlations! :)

Dates and Times

Something I use that I haven't seen mentioned here as yet--I generally lay out Celtic Cross, though I've been known to use other methods, and in general, this doesn't go wrong in virtually any layout (save Yes/No and Three Spreads):

Minor Arcana non-Court cards can be used to count the days or months away a certain event is. Say you've hit a card that you associate with travel, and it's the 8 of that suit. Considering the other cards around it, of course, always, you can predict that something travel-related will be bound to occur 8 days or 8 months away--it gets less slippery the longer you use the method.

I don't think I'm explaining this well; my notes are in a box. Anyone else ever heard of this, or am I the one introducing this idea here?
24th-Jun-2005 12:08 am - What Cards?
Shadow person
Okay, peeps, another quiz, this time from me.

I'm going to name three or four common events, people, things, which have associations with Tarot cards or combinations of Tarot cards.

Which cards or combo cards would you associate with the following:-

- Doctors

- Teachers

- Courts

- Hospital

- Weddings

- Funerals (not the actual dying, just attending other people's)

- Pregnancy

- Childhood

- College

- Money

- Car trouble

- The Arts

- Science

- Religion

Discuss your choices.
23rd-Jun-2005 03:38 pm - My Tarot Correspondences
Shadow person
These are the correspondences I refer to when doing my Tarot readings. I'm posting them here subject to the usual discalimer that these aren't to be taken as Authorised Gospel Truth, etc. yadda yadda. They're just the cards I've come to associate with each sign through my experiences, and through learning from others, including wolf_heart9.

Celestial Bodies
Sun - VIII Strength; XIX The Sun
Moon - II The High Priestess; XVIII The Moon
Earth - III The Empress
Mercury - I The Magician
Venus - III The Empress
Mars - XVI The Tower
Jupiter - X The Wheel of Fortune
Saturn - XXI The World
Uranus - 0 The Fool
Neptune - XII The Hanged Man
Pluto - XX Judgement
Stars / Celestial - The Star

Astrological Signs
Aries - IV The Emperor
Taurus - V The Hierophant
Gemini - VI The Lovers
Cancer - VII The Chariot
Leo - VIII Strength
Virgo - IX The Hermit
Libra - XI Justice
Scorpio - XIII Death
Sagittarius - XIV Sagittarius
Capricorn - XV The Devil
Aquarius - XVII The Star
Pisces - XVIII The Moon

Elemental Forces
Earth - III The Empress; Pentacles suit
Water - XII The Hanged Man; Cups suit
Air - Swords suit
Fire - IV The Emperor; XX Judgement; Wands suit

Spring - Pentacles suit
Summer - XIX The Sun; Wands suit
Autumn - Cups suit
Winter - Swords suit
22nd-Jun-2005 05:44 pm - A fun little game...
Here's a fun little game I concocted:

Using short phrases to describe a card's attributes (inverted or not), can you guess the card?

The only hints you get are the cards I used, and whether the card was inverted.

The Major Arcana, cards 0-V.

1. Absolute Truth

2. Tattered Kingdom

3. Plans Exposed

4. Haughty Fruitfulness

5. Turning and turning...

6. Shadows Behind Light (I)

Would anyone like to continue this?

(I know Round One was probably very easy, but I'm very new to actually getting down to knowing my cards instead of reading them out of a book. That's why I'd love some other people to post another round)
21st-Jun-2005 02:22 pm - Tarot lists...
Just thought I'd go ahead and start posting some of the information I use for tarot. I've gathered this stuff from all over, from other readers to books to some of my own personal associations to stuff. Feel free to use whatever you want and definitely to discuss...

Tarot and the ZodiacCollapse )

Tarot and the BodyCollapse )

Tarot and HealthCollapse )

Tarot and the ElementsCollapse )

RandomCollapse )

From Pages to KingsCollapse )

Tarot NumerologyCollapse )

Thanks to nematoddity for pointing me in the direction of some of the Tarot and body/health meanings. When you read for psychic fairs and have tons of people sitting down with you in a day, they always always ask certain things: love/relationships/sex, health, money, jobs, travel. It's good to have the ability to read those things for them.
18th-Jun-2005 10:03 pm - Question?
Maybe this could make an interesting introduction post, but I really am interested in other decks that people have.

I myself own the Lord of the Rings deck by Donaldson and Pracownik. I've always had success with it. It is very easy to read, even when you're not entirely familiar with the books, but if you know the books really well, the symbolism just catches you in the throat.

I also have the Archeon Tarot, by Timothy Lantz. I just got this deck, so I haven't really developed a rapport with it yet, but so far, it seems to be a deeply psychological deck, drawing on archetypes and psychological themes.

I also own Doreen Virtue's Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle deck, but I haven't had much success with it. It seems to be made for people who work with much more positive energies than myself. Still, it has really nice art, and since I had been looking for a mermaid-centered deck for months, I bought it.

And what about everybody else? :)
Well, this'll be a first for me. I've not started an lj community before. But after much talking about this with nematoddity who I'm assuming will be joining this one, I decided to bite the bullet and start 'er up. I need to save more images of tarot decks. I will be linking a tarot site here that has a lot of options for tarot decks. I'll post it in the information area so that people can access it as they want. I believe it's also linked in my main lj, wolf_heart9.

As I said, I will be working on some user pics for the group and will gladly take submissions. Even if I don't use yours right away, don't be discouraged. I'll likely rotate them.

That being said, it's 4-fucking-AM here and my eyes are starting to blur the fuck out. So I'm going to bed.

Welcome. Join. Let's have fun.
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