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Tarot Sun from Hanson Roberts
Tarot Talk
10th-Jul-2007 02:34 am
My new tarot deck came in Monday the 10th and they're gorgeous. They have what I think is the best Justice card ever! It's the only one that's ever successfully given me goosebumps...or as Jeff might call them: Truth Chills.

Anyhoo, I just scanned in all the Major Arcana (and one day I might do the Minor) and I'm going to post them here and in my personal lj. You'll want to click on the image a couple of times if you want to see them in detail. They're fuckin' awesome though. I'm in love.

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10th-Jul-2007 12:22 pm (UTC)
Awesome. XD
10th-Jul-2007 07:39 pm (UTC) - Isn't it???
My two favorite cards (so far) are Justice and The Star. You'll understand why. Heh.
10th-Jul-2007 08:45 pm (UTC) - Re: Isn't it???
I guessed why before even checking back. XD And yes, I do understand. And agree. XD
10th-Jul-2007 09:33 pm (UTC) - Re: Isn't it???
Heh. *grins* Yeah, they're just all so damned pretty. One of these days when I have the patience, I may scan in the entire deck. It'll depend on my mood.

10th-Jul-2007 09:51 pm (UTC) - Re: Isn't it???
I shall have to hope such a mood strikes you then. <3
10th-Jul-2007 10:23 pm (UTC) - Re: Isn't it???
Heh. I'm sure it will at some point. :)

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